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Washing the dog can be a messy and stressful experience! If you find yourself putting it off –consider that a regular wash and groom is essential to the health and longevity of your pet, not to mention the perfect opportunity to check for injuries or the presence of pests or parasites and ensure they are remedied before they develop into real problems.

Experience the joy of having a mobile Dog Washing studio come to your house and clean and treat your pet. The convenience is outstanding, and it won’t cost as much as you may think.

Jim’s Dog Wash is Western Australia’s most loved and trusted professional groomer and handler. Our passion for animals drives us to deliver the best service for our customers and their dogs, making every dog wash experience special. Our confident and genuinely caring professional groomers seek to genuinely connect with each and every animal and ensure their needs are met.

This starts with hygiene and comfort – so at Jim’s Dog Wash, we use only the highest quality pet-friendly products and equipment, use warm, fresh water and have plenty of freshly laundered towels and cloths on-hand. Our health and hygiene standards are extremely high, so you can expect our trailers to be well-presented, cleaned, santitised and kept in pristine condition.

All our customers receive five-star treatment regardless of age or breed, size or temperament. Choose from a range of wash and grooming options which range in price and inclusions, from the basic wash and dry, right through to the complete Hydrobath which includes a pre-wash brush, shampoo, towel-dry and blow-dry followed by a thorough trim or clip, and a healthy but yummy dog treat to finish up!

Speak to us about our specialist nail-clipping, worm, flea and tick treatments, or browse through our extensive catalogue of coats, collars, leads and toys.

Feel free to book with us on an occasional basis, or arrange a regular ongoing dog wash package, as often or as occasionally as you like. We’re flexible with hours and can fit in with any schedule, or arrive at short notice in many cases.

You’ll love our low prices – and if your budget is limited or your pet has special needs, we’re happy to create a tailored package which will meet your requirements.

We love working with people as well as dogs! If you have any queries, would like to find out more, or would like us to provide you with a free no-obligation quote, give our professionals a call today – all enquiries are welcome.


About Jim's Dog Wash

At Jim’s Dog Wash, our Franchisees are passionate individuals that are genuinely concerned with caring for all dogs in their local community, proving to be highly professional, reliable, trustworthy and caring business owners. These individuals are carefully selected and well trained by some of Australia’s best dog grooming instructors and complemented with continuous support from Jim’s Group, Australia’s largest home Services group.

Despite the expectations of a mobile grooming service being one of ‘Splash and Dash’, our service at Jim’s Dog Wash will never fail to provide a quality service with flexibility in order to cater for all our customers’ requirements in the 21st century where there is always so much to do.

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