Dog Toots – What You Need To Know

Dog Toots – What You Need To Know

June 9, 2024

There’s nothing like a dog’s toot to have everyone clearing the room!

Just like humans, dogs pass wind around 12-25 times a day depending on their diets

Interestingly, there is reasearch to show that some dogs are more gassy than others. Boxers, bull mastifs, newfoundlands, pugs and french bulldogs pass wind more often as Brachycephalic dogsĀ  tend to swallow more air when they are eating and as you know, what goes in has to come out!

Excessive passing wind can be the results of sudden dietary changes, fillers in food, too much ‘people’ food, allergies or an upset tummy.

High fat diets can also increase flatulence, try avoiding food like soybeans, peas, beans, milk producs and spicy food.

Another common cause is when the bacteria in the digestive system is out of balance, this can be caused by a virus, drinking dirty water or eating too much. There are commercially available pet probiotics to give your pup relief from their stomach upset.

If your pup is chronically stinky it’s a good idea to see a vet, just to get them checked.

Our best suggestions to help reduce the wind is the same as humans:

  • Exercise – Regular exercise will help to decrease the amount of gas build up
  • Eat well (no more than 10% should be snacks)
  • Eating slowly – you can try a slow feeder
  • Always provide clean, cool drinking water

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