Why Our Dogs LOVE Autumn

Why Our Dogs LOVE Autumn

April 8, 2024

Cooler Temperatures

While summer is great for holidays, swimming and being outdoors, our dogs don’t love the heat as they aren’t able to regulate their temperatures in the same way as we do as dogs don’t sweat, but instead pant to dissipate the heat. For this reason it’s much harder for them keep cool and the change in temperature is a welcome relief.

Less Allergies

Spring and summer feature the most allergens for both people and dogs.  Between trees blooming, grass seeding, and almost every plant pollinating, it’s no wonder our fur pups tend to have a miserable time during these months.  By the time autumn arrives, the allergens are greatly reduced and relief is at hand.  Fewer allergens mean not as much itching and less eye, ear, and nose issues. Yet another reason why dogs love Autumn.

Fewer Insects

From mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, to ants, stinging insects, and spiders, the fall months feature less blood sucking and biting insects.  Sure, some are still some around, but not near as many insects bother our furry friends in the Autumn.  Not only are they a bother, but they can carry diseases as well.  What’s not to love about fewer insects.

Longer Walks

Cooler autumn temperatures mean longer walks are a lot more possible.  In the summer, shorter walks are almost a necessity in many parts of the country since the air and footpaths are so hot.  Many dogs love long walks, so this is yet another reason for dogs to love Autumn.

The Open Road

Dogs love riding in cars and trucks while hanging their heads out the window.  It’s quite a bit more comfortable for all involved when this takes place in cooler weather.  Autumn is the time for exploring new places with your pup and the brisk mornings and mild afternoons afford a perfect opportunity to enjoy the open road.

Camping Trips

Camping is fun year-round, but with less heat and humidity, insects, allergens, and more options for cool activities, Autumn camping can’t be beaten.  Another bonus is less sunlight and longer campfires to relax by and enjoy the night sky with the shorter days.

Hit the Beach

We love to visit the beach in the summer and go swimming, build sandcastles, hunt for seashells, sunbathe and play beach sports.  However, the sand collects and focuses a lot of heat back at the person or animal on the beach.  Since dogs have a hard time regulating heat in the summer and they are more susceptible to burning their paws on the hot sand, Autumn is a great time to hit the beach and partake in new adventures without having to worry about hot weather and sand.


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