Dalmatian Dog Breed Facts

Dalmatian Dog Breed Facts

January 8, 2024

The Dalmatian breed are often reserved and dignified and can be a little aloof. They are very loyal and make an excellent companion due to their loving and loyal natures. They love nothing more than a snuggle and nap with their family.

Dalmatians became extremely popular as a result of the 101 Dalmatians movie released in 1961 and suffered greatly due to irresponsible breeding at that time with many pups being abandoned.

Dalmatians are born completely white without spots, which develop when they are around 4 weeks old

Each Dalmatian has their own unique spots, like a human finger print

Spots generally are black or brown but can come in yellow, blue or brindle

Dalmatians became popular in the 1800’s as they were used as coach dogs to protect the carriages and horses

Dalmatians have been known by many names, including English Coach Dog, Leopard Carriage Dog, Fire House Dog, Pudding Dog and the Spotted Dick.

Dalmatians are a very old breed, the first reference to a Dalmation Dog was in 1375 and paintings of the breed have been found in Greek frescos dating to around the year 1600. Spotted dogs have also been found painted on Egyptian tombs, running along beside chariots.

The current thoughts are that they originally came from Dalmatia, in Austria with their ancestors likely to be the Pointers, however the Romani people historically kept Dalmatians and with their nomadic lifestyles the breed spread throughout the world.

Dalmatians are known for having higher than average litters and is a genetic trait due to them having a higher than average number of eggs in their ovaries

Dalmatians are susceptible to congenital deafness that cannot be treated. It’s recommended that you only purchase puppies from reputable breeders who have tested the parents and puppies to unsure that this trait is not inherited.

Given appropriate training and excercise Dalmatians make a fantastic family pet due to their intelligence and loyalty. Their coats are soft and they have very little doggy odour so need fewer baths, however they are shedders and need frequent brushes to keep the skin and coat in the best condition


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