How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Safe With The Family Pet

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Safe With The Family Pet

December 11, 2023

Christmas is almost here and it’s time to start decorating your house. If you share your home with pets, you might find this time of year challenging when you want to protect your tree!

See our quick tips to keep your tree intact this Christmas:

  1. Make sure your tree is pet friendly. If you are wanting a fresh tree, take into consideration that your pets may try to eat it. Pine needles, if ingested can cause stomach irritations and the water collecting beneath the tree can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
  2. Consider an artificial tree which will reduce the appeal for your pets to climb up and chew on branches
  3. Always secure your tree before decorating. Use a sturdy tree stand to make sure that it doesn’t topple over when curious dogs and cats investigate. You can also use fishing line to anchor it to the wall or ceiling
  4. It’s a good idea to leave the tree bare for a few days to allow your pet to investigate without breaking any ornaments
  5. Avoid tinsel and artificial snow. Your pets may not be able to resist the shiny allure of the tinsel and it’s best to opt for ornaments made from non toxic materials
  6. Put your delicate ornaments on sturdy branches at the top of the tree to avoid them being knocked off.
  7. You can also try using twist ties as an extra way to secure the ornaments on the tree
  8. Try using shatterproof ornaments or use materials such as plastic or fabric to minimise breakages or injury. They can cause scratches and cuts or even worse if eaten.
  9. Spray with pet safe deterrent
  10. Supervise your pets and provide training by redirecting their attention whenever they become curious
  11. Use a barrier, such as a gate or dog fence to stop your dogs being able to reach the tree
  12. Choose a smaller tree that doesn’t sit on the ground out of your pups way (although this may not help for cats).
  13. Christmas light cords can cause a nasty electric shock if chewed on, make sure that cords are hidden or use cord covers. If your pet cannot be dissuaded from exploring and chewing, you can try battery powered lights that don’t have the long cords to the power points
  14. Candy canes and ginger bread decorations are another invitation for your pets to explore the tree.
  15. Avoid putting out presents early, they may contain food items that are toxic to your pets.

Never leave your pet unsupervised to minimise the chances of anything happening and hopefully, you can find a way to have a festive house and keep your pets happy and safe.

Merry Christmas from the Jim’s Dog Wash team!

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