Five Tips To Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer

Five Tips To Keep Your Pup Cool This Summer

December 10, 2023

There is nothing better than keeping cool in Summer when the weather heats up and we have put together a few tips on how to keep your pooch cool as well!

The quickest way to tell that your pup is heating up is through their breathing. We sweat to cool down, dogs cool themselves by panting. Keep an eye out for excessive panting as an early warning that your pup is starting to over heat.


Always make sure that your dog has fresh, cool drinking water at all times.

Before you go for a walk, try half filling and freezing a dog bowl or a container with water and freezing it. Once the bowl is frozen, you can fill the rest up with water. This will keep the water on top nice and cool while the ice slowly melts.

If you are out and about, make sure that you carry water to keep your dog hydrated if there is no water available.


Just like us, playing in water can help to bring down your dog’s body temperature. A wet dog is a cool dog! They will only need enough water to get their paws and belly wet. If it’s any deeper you should make sure you supervise your pup at all times.

You can also try a sprinkler, a pool or a lake to help cool them down.


Make sure that you always provide a spot with shade for your pup to snooze out the heat of the day. You can put up a sun shade, a tarp or even a spot on the verandah.

You can also look at a cooling bed. They come in heavy duty plastic with cooling gel inside to keep your pup cool.

Alternatively, you can use an ice pack or a wet towel for your pup to lay on to keep them cool.

Early morning or late evening walks and playtime to ensure that your pup is still getting the exercise that they need without overheating.

Always check the temperature of roads and footpaths before walking upon them as your dog’s paws can be burnt on hot surfaces. A great way is to place your hand on the surface and test it yourself.


The Australian sun can quickly turn your car into an oven and is very dangerous for dogs left in cars. Never leave your pup in a car unsupervised

  • Keep the air conditioning on when driving with your dog and/or when you are in a parked car with your dog
  • Don’t park in direct sunlight with your dog in the car
  • Keep an eye on your dog if they start to show signs of heatstroke i.e. panting, salivating, discomfort, or disorientation


Keep your pup cool during the warmer months with a haircut or deshed to remove any excess hair that can overheat time.

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