2023 – With A Bullet!

2023 – With A Bullet!

March 22, 2023

2022 saw the highest demand ever for our services, with over 40,500 new customers for the year. Even with over 100 new franchisees joining our team, we still didn’t have enough to service all of our customers with 34,265 customers, unfortunately turned away.

Divisional Franchisor, Sharon Connell, said Jim’s Dog Wash has an absolute commitment to customer service and it is central to everything that we do, couple this with the trusted Jim’s brand and it is a win-win for customers and franchisees alike.

Jim’s Dog Wash is seeing very significant trends during the last 12 months, mostly due to the busy lifestyle of our clientele:

  • Increased demand for mobile grooming services as time poor owners want to fit grooming in with their busy lifestyles;
  • The most increased jobs for Jim’s Dog Wash was specific breed style grooms; and
  • Continued success for Franchisees in the Jim’s Dog Wash

The biggest benefit of being part of the Jim’s Dog Wash brand is that franchisees can achieve their financial and lifestyle goals at the same time, with many opportunities for those that want to build a career. Many franchisees have taken the plunge in 2022 into running additional trailers, with some now running multiple trailers and even putting down the tools to manage their employees.

Jims Dog Wash is anticipating a busy 12 months ahead with recruitment occurring in all states of Australia and New Zealand to keep up with the surge in customer enquiries.

CEO of Jim’s Group, Jim Penman, said he attributes recent growth to an increased focus on outstanding customer service, with automated review and feedback systems.

Recent improvements in customer service are driven by heavy investments in IT. Jim’s Group now spends more than $1 million dollars per year on software development to increase efficiency and improve service to customers and Franchisees.

Increased customer demand is even more remarkable given:

  • Franchisees are encouraged not to compete locally on price;
  • Customer surveys suggest that around 75% of leads result in work being done; and
  • Advertising is being scaled back. In some areas, the advertising contribution of around $200 per month has to be given back to the Franchisees because it is simply not needed.

Of the existing 250 Franchisees, the age range varies from 20 to 73 years of age and includes people from myriad backgrounds and cultures. During 2022 there has been growing interest in owning a franchise from two distinct groups of people:

  • Those who are familiar with earning good incomes but finding themselves less employable as they reach their late 40s or early 50s; and
  • People who simply want an independent and balanced lifestyle with more family time. Though the average Franchise income is around $100,000 per annum (Jim’s Group does not record what Franchisees earn), top Franchisees can earn into the millions.

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