Spring Cleaning – Our Top Tips To Get Your Pooch Ready For Summer

Spring Cleaning – Our Top Tips To Get Your Pooch Ready For Summer

September 7, 2022

Spring is here and it’s time to get rid of that winter coat that kept your pup warm throughout the cold weather. You’ll probably have already noticed the piles of dog hair on your clothes and furniture if you have a dog that sheds so you know it’s time for a Spring Clean!

Non shedding dogs are at a greater risk of matts as the weather warms up. Matts can be extremely painful, cutting the blood supply to the area or causing hotspots and a spring clean for your pooch to prepare them for summer is a must.

Here are our top Spring time tips to have your pup ready for Summer:

  1. Brushing your dog daily will help prevent painful knots and matts from forming. If your pup is double coated, regular brushing will remove the dead coat and help the circulation on the outer layer promoting healthier skin. You can use a brush or a comb designed for the breed. Be sure to brush the fur in the direction that the hair grows and if you come across tangles or mats, forcing a brush through can very painful. It’s very important not to use scissors as the mats may be tighter than you think or have the skin caught up in them, and you can easily cut your pet
  2. Regular bathing is important at any time, but it’s more so during spring because pollen and other allergens can be most active. Before bathing you should make sure that you have brushed the coat thoroughly to remove any dead hair or matts as the washing process will make the knots tighter and harder to remove
  3. Nails should be clipped regularly, try doing your pup’s whenever you do your own. If you are hesitant you can try a nail file between grooming visits
  4. Keeping your pup’s coat shorter in summer will keep them cooler as the weather heats up, it will also make it easier to see insect bites, ticks and skin irritations and to be able to treat them. If your pup is double coated, regular deshedding will remove the undercoat and keep them more comfortable during summer.
  5. Dogs cool down and regulate their body temperatures by panting and sweating through their paws. As the weater heats up, dogs have a harder time cooling down so keeping their paws trimmed and short will help them to stay cooler. Summer also means a lot more outdoor activities and your pup’s paws can become quickly matted while also hiding dirt, sticks and other objects that can create discomfort.
  6. As you prepare for the summer months, don’t forget that your dog also needs to stay protected from the sun, especially if their fur is trimmed short! You can purchase pet approved sunscreen from your local pet suppliers to keep your pup protected from the sun.

If you are uncomfortable undertaking any part of the grooming process, you can call our experts at Jim’s Dog Wash who can have your pup looking their best! Call us today on 131546

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