Keeping Your Pooch Cool In Summer

Keeping Your Pooch Cool In Summer

February 16, 2018

Australian summer means lots of fun outdoor activities with your pooch but when the temperature really soars, Jim’s Dog Wash has a few tips to keep your dog cool.

Some dogs do struggle with the heat more than others, long-haired dogs or breeds with undercoats like Huskys, Border Collies and Chow Chows will feel the heat more than short-haired dogs. Pugs, Bull Dogs and Boston Terriers have flat-shaped faces and can’t pant as well as other breeds to regulate their body temperature and can overheat very quickly

Keep Your Dog Cool And Hydrated

  • Plenty of fresh drinking water is a must. You can even add ice cubes into their water to keep your pooch cool.
  • A small wading pool can be fun if your pooch likes the water
  • Make cool treats, help your pooch keep cool from the inside. You can freeze chicken stock, chicken pieces or carrot pieces in an ice cube tray and give them to your dog for an extra special summer time treat.

Regular Doggie Baths

  • Bathing your dog every 2 weeks helps to keep your pooch clean if they have been swimming in lakes or the beach, this will also give you or your groomer an opportunity to check for ticks
  • Regular grooming will help with shedding and help to remove the heavy undercoat to keep your dog cooler.

Sun Protection

  • Have your dog inside or provide a proper outdoor shelter for your dog to keep them out of the direct sun.
  • Never leave your dog alone inside of a car during summer.
  • Zinc is toxic to dogs so make sure if you are using sunscreen that it’s natural and zinc free.

Getting Fit

  • It is best to take your dog for walks either in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not too hot. Remember, if it’s too hot for you it will be too hot for your pooch as well.
  • Be careful of dog’s feet if you walk on the road or concrete.
  • Be careful not to over exercise your pooch. Constant panting and drooling are both signs that your dog has had more than enough exercise.

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